The St Louis High School library is an inclusive space that serves many purposes. The library provides a safe and welcoming environment, that supports students’ mental health and wellbeing, where they can take some time out to recharge/reset before returning to the very busy school day. It is a place to read, study, research and relax as well as being a venue for wider school events and activities. The librarian is on hand to help answer questions and find appropriate resources, be that when reading for pleasure or material to help with a research project.

A new librarian was appointed in August 2022 and the school library officially re-opened in November 2022 following a two-year closure because of COVID-19 restrictions. The librarian is currently devising a library development plan which supports the needs of the whole school community and reflects school policy on inclusion. As the needs are various, outside agencies NALA, NCBI, the School Libraries Group of the Library Association, Dublin Public Libraries and other school librarians are being consulted.

Effective communication is key, and the librarian liaises with relevant staff to meet needs as required. External library services which can offer support to our students are often used as it is not always practical or financially possible to provide everything in-house. Co-operation with the local public library in Rathmines has been key to ensuring as much support as possible is available to all our students. The NCBI library also offers access to Bookshare Ireland (the largest accessible digital library in the country, available for all people with print disabilities). This collaboration is currently being explored as a new resource.

The long-term goal of the school library development plan is to ensure that support and services can be attuned to the individual needs of every student.

Past pupil and renowned poet and writer, Jessica Traynor, officiated at the re-opening of our Library in November 2022. Other famous and award winning writers, playwrights and poets include Ann Enright; Nessa O’Mahony; Laura Blaise McDowell, Ita Daly and Iseult Deane.