Green Schools

The Green Schools committee is very active in St Louis High School. It is currently finalizing its Environmental and Sustainability Policy. This year it has achieved its 7th flag which is a testament to the committed work of the Green Schools committee and Ms Maughan.

Lots of progress such as getting recycling bins back in our school and being 1 of only 30 schools selected to take part in “let’s fix fashion” campaign was part of the focus for the year 22-23. Our main goal is to raise awareness and educate people on how to make greener decisions to help our earth and make our school a greener place!

On the topic of Recycling, one of the things we observed was that there was a lack of recycling bins in our school at the beginning of the year and were not being used correctly. We carried out a waste audit. We also noticed that there was a shortage of brown bins around the school and the gardening club are introducing composting in the first-year corridors to make it easier for people to dispose of their fruit waste.

The ‘Let’s fix fashion’ competition, organised by Greens Schools is focused on recycling our old clothes, sharing clothes and even up-cycling clothes we have bought. We held a very successful swap shop where students and teachers brought in their old clothes and swapped them for newer clothes – all to help slow fast fashion.

We are also very involved in the Junk Kouture competition, and we reached the national finals for the second year running. Whilst we didn’t make the international finals, our entry is being used to promote the international competition. Junk Kouture is now part of the TY curriculum.