SLHS Literacy

Want to become a better writer?

Here you will find homegrown resources created by students and staff of St. Louis High School, designed to help you with grammar, spelling and punctuation.

We created many of these resources by collaborating with students and staff in other schools, and Maynooth University.

We find that students who practise using them report significant improvement in their English grades.

Just click on the links and away you go!

Junior Cycle Religion Resources

These learning aids were created by students and staff at St. Louis High School as part of a collaborative learning initiative. They aim to help you with your studies.

World Religions

Buddhism – Learning Aid

Judaism – The Life of Abraham – Learning aid

Life of Jesus – Learning Aid 1

Life of Jesus – Learning Aid 2

Life of Jesus – Learning Aid 3 The Beatitudes

Major World Religions – Learning Aid


Knock Pilgrimage – Learning Aid


Stages of Faith – Learning Aid