Additional Educational Supports

Dept of Education’s Evaluation of provision for students with additional and special educational needs in post-primary school (January 2023)

‘Overall, learning experiences were of a high quality and some exemplary practice was observed. All interactions between teachers and students were positive, affirming and conducive to wellbeing. A very caring and respectful learning environment was observed throughout the school.’

‘The structures in place to support inclusion, equality, and the holistic development of students with SEN were very good. All students had access to all programmes and there was a strong commitment to ensuring the care and the full participation and inclusion of all students. Students with additional needs were actively engaged with the student council. It was evident that student voice was encouraged, and an inclusive approach was taken to behaviour management, to the implementation of the Code of Behaviour, and to the uniform policy.’

‘The senior management team demonstrate a clear commitment to using all resources appropriately, meeting the identified needs of students and promoting positive outcomes and experiences for these students. Leadership of the provision of support is strong and a reflective approach is taken to planning and development of the model. The principle that students with the greatest level of need have access to the greatest level of support was evident.’

DES report on the evaluation of provision for students with additional and special educational needs in post-primary school (January 2023) – click here.


Whole School Approach

St Louis High School adopts a whole-school approach to supporting students with additional educational needs. A policy of inclusion is extremely important in St Louis High School. AEN (Additional Educational Needs) information is shared on an ongoing basis annually with staff to promote a whole-school approach to AEN provision. Several approaches are employed to support this:

(i) Ongoing communication between the AEN Team, AEN Co-ordinators, SNA (Special Needs Assistant) team and the teaching staff, students, and parents.

(ii) Planning is a prerequisite for effective teaching and learning and is especially so for students with additional educational needs.

(iii)Collaboration between all parties involved especially the Board of Management, Principal, Deputy Principal, parents/guardians, students, classroom teachers, AEN team, SNA team, Care Team, Guidance Team is supported and encouraged as part of the school’s culture to support AEN students and promote inclusivity within the school community.

(iv) Ongoing support for Continuing Professional Development and access to relevant training and courses is facilitated for all members of staff.


Students are supported to access, fully participate in and benefit from the school’s educational experience and to do so alongside students who do not have additional learning needs. Inclusion in education relates not only to students with additional educational needs, but also to all students who learn in a different way. All students are welcomed to St Louis High School.

AEN Co-ordinators

We have two AEN Co-ordinators who liaise closely with and offer great support to students, parents, management, and staff. Ms Mulcahy is linked in with 2nd, 3rd & 5th Yrs; Ms Farragher is linked in with 1st, TY and 6th Yrs.

Please see our AEN/SEN and Inclusion Policy for further details.