St Louis High School is a post-primary school providing post-primary education to pupils (girls) from First Year to Leaving Certificate Year.

In accordance with the requirements of the Children First Act 2015, Children First: National Guidance for the Protection and Welfare of Children 2017, the Child Protection Procedures for Primary and Post Primary School 2017 and Tusla Guidance on the preparation of Child Safeguarding Statements, the Board of Management of St Louis High School has agreed the Child Safeguarding Statement set out in this document. Please click here for the Child Safeguarding Statement.

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Information on the LC Examinations November 2020 for the LC class of 2020

  • 26th Sep 2020 10:04 am
We hope you are keeping well. Here is important information from the State Examinations Commission (SEC) for any student from the LC class of 2020 who is considering sitting Leaving Certificate examinations. The examinations are scheduled for evenings and at weekends with candidates sitting their examination(s) in the school where they had been entered or scheduled to sit the examinations in June 2020. Subject to public health advice, the examinations will commence on Monday 16th November and will run each evening and at weekends over a four-week period to Friday 11th December 2020 As you are aware, as a result of the COVID-19 pandemic, Leaving Certificate candidates were offered the option of receiving Calculated Grades and/or sitting Leaving Certificate written examinations at a later date when it was considered safe to do so. Leaving Certificate candidates who are not satisfied with their Calculated Grades, including those who have appealed their Calculated Grade/s or who were not in a position to receive a Calculated Grade, may opt to sit written examinations. The examinations are also open to candidates who opted not to receive Calculated Grades. Those students who received Calculated Grades and who now sit Leaving Certificate 2020 will be credited with the higher subject grade achieved between the Calculated Grade and the written examination. Students taking the postponed examinations will be graded on the basis of their written papers only, other than in the case of 5 Leaving Certificate subjects and as the practical coursework components had been completed prior to school closure in mid-March, and will now be included in the grading of these subjects. The written examinations will be based on the normal question paper format, content and structure, and duration as in previous years. Examinations with two written question papers will continue to have two papers. Timetables The examination timetable is now available at www.examinations.ie The examinations will commence on Monday, 16th November 2020 and will take place over a 4- week period to Friday, 11th December 2020 in the case of the Leaving Certificate in order to accommodate each of the June examination sessions, along with LCVP. The examinations will take place with one examination session on weekday evenings and two examination sessions on each day of the weekends. The examinations are scheduled to start at 5.30pm each weekday evening, and at 9:30am and 2pm at the weekends. It is intended that candidates will take the examinations in their own school, i.e. the school in which they were entered for or scheduled to sit the June 2020 examinations. Candidates will be required to attend at the school 15 minutes before the start of each examination and to sign an attendance/centre roll to confirm their attendance and for contact tracing purposes. Candidates will be required to bring photographic ID to each examination session. Format of Examinations Candidates will be provided with written examinations only, including the aural tests in Music and language subjects, and use of DVDs in LCA and LCVP. The written examinations will be based on the normal question paper format, content and structure, and duration as in previous years. Candidates taking the postponed examinations will be graded on the basis of their written papers only It is not feasible at this stage to conduct examinations in oral or practical components, or to try to complete unfinished coursework. The oral and practical components of the exams are school- based, requiring significant levels of support at school level, including the requirement to take serving teachers out of their schools to undertake state examinations work. In the case of five Leaving Certificate subjects (2 in the case of SLHS) the coursework involved will be marked as this had been completed prior to school closure and these marks will be included in the grading of these subjects. These are: · Home Economics journals (already marked by the SEC); · LCVP Portfolio; How to Apply to sit Examinations In the case of the Leaving Certificate, candidates who wish to sit an examinations(s) in November, will be given the opportunity to apply through the Candidate Portal used for the Calculated Grades process, which will open at 9am on Monday 28th September and close at 5pm on Friday 2nd October. Examination Fee There will be no fees charged for sitting these examinations. Reasonable Accommodation(s) Candidates who have been approved the use of reasonable accommodation(s) for the June examinations will have access to this resource in November, eg a spelling and grammar waiver, or access to a reader, scribe or special centre. It is not possible to approve new applications for reasonable accommodation in any other circumstances, other than the normal emergency application process which applies each year. SEC will issue further instructions in this regard closer to the examinations. Examination Centres The SEC will assign candidates to take their examinations in their own school and not to an individual centre within the school. In the meantime, if you have any queries please contact the SEC by email on November2020@examinations.ie or by calling the SEC on 1800 111 135 or 1800 111 136. Best of luck with your various plans at this stage. From all in St Louis High School C McDonough

TY Events Week beginning 28.9.20

  • 25th Sep 2020 2:22 pm
Young Social Innovators All TY students will have the opportunity to engage with the Young Social Innovators initiative which encourages and facilitates students to make positive changes in their community and beyond as part of their Social Ed class. On Thursday 4i engaged in an introductory workshop with Yvonne Campbell. 4L and 4U will be introduced to the initiative in their Social Ed classes on Monday 28th and Tuesday 29th. Information on the initiative can be found at https://www.youngsocialinnovators.ie/ AWARE Life Skills 4L and 4O will begin a four-week Life Skills course with Kevin Mc Manamon on Tuesday 29th. They will have the opportunity to take time to reflect on their experience of Covid-19 and learn how to face life’s challenges. 4O 8.40-10.00 in R40 4L 11.00-12.20 in R39

Ty History trip postponed

  • 24th Sep 2020 6:21 am
TY History trip postponed Please come to school as normal. Trip to Stephen’s Green is now postponed due to very wet weather. Spread the word please with your friends in the class. Thank you.

What to do if your daughter has non-common symptoms of Covid 19

  • 23rd Sep 2020 2:32 pm
https://www2.hse.ie/conditions/coronavirus/if-your-child-has-symptoms.html Non-common symptoms If your daughter has symptoms such as headaches or a sore throat, keep them at home for at least 48 hours. These are not common symptoms of coronavirus, but they could be a sign of another infection. You and the rest of your family can continue your normal routine. You do not need to restrict your movements as long as you are not ill. Keep an eye on your daughter's symptoms for 48 hours. After 48 hours it's usually okay to send your daughter back to school as long as: their symptoms do not get worse they do not develop new symptoms they do not need paracetamol or ibuprofen during these 48-hours We would appreciate it if you could abide by this guidance for the safety of all. Please also ensure that we can make contact with a parent during the day in case of an emergency. Thank you for your continued support.


  • 22nd Sep 2020 7:00 pm
Dear Parents/Guardians, It is essential that we all work together to stop the growing increase in Covid-related numbers. We all need to respect the HSE guidance in relation to mask wearing and sanitising. Students have been excellent in their compliance with mask wearing in school. We ask them to share this excellent behaviour outside school and to wear their masks on buses to and from school. By masking up we are protecting our friends and also the more vulnerable in society. Ut Sint Unum. We are all in this together.

recording Medical information

  • 21st Sep 2020 10:30 am
Please only complete the medical forms on the school app if your daughter has a medical condition we should know about in the context of having to deal with it in the school. Thank you.

re recording absences on the school app

  • 21st Sep 2020 9:50 am
Please ensure that when you enter an absence for your daughter, that it is dated the date or dates your daughter is physically absent from the school building. If you enter that your daughter is returning on a certain date, this will be recorded as an absence date. To avoid any confusion, please ensure you only enter dates she is physically absent from the school building. Thank you.

Let’s keep supporting each other ......

  • 20th Sep 2020 11:00 am
During these challenging times it is really important that we all support one another as members of the school community. Everybody must adhere to the following guidelines: 1) Please remember to social distance and to adhere to the official HSE guidelines. 2) Wear your mask properly. Some masks are too loose on some students' faces. Please purchase a tighter fitting one for use in school if you find your masks are too loose. Remember to bring 3 masks to school with you in a ziplock bag on a daily basis. 3) Visors are only allowed to be worn in certain circumstances. These circumstances must be discussed with the school principal and official documentation must be provided to the school (med certs, reports etc). Please work with us on this for the safety of all. 4) Wash or sanitise your hands frequently. 5) If you are not feeling well, do not come to school and follow the HSE guidelines and/or get advice from your GP. 6) Be kind and patient with one another. By abiding by these steps you are protecting and supporting someone else, and they, in turn, are protecting and supporting you. Ut Sint Unum. We are all in this together and we need to support and mind one another. Stay safe and well.

History Trip Ms Muldoon's Class

  • 18th Sep 2020 2:17 pm
Ms Muldoon's history class will go on a walking tour of the statues and monuments in St. Stephen's Green on Thursday 24th September. Meeting at the Grafton St entrance at 9.30am in full school uniform. Returning to school on foot for classes in the afternoon. Bring a packed lunch.

Important information from LWR

  • 3rd Sep 2020 12:03 pm

Information for 5th Years from the LWR

  • 3rd Sep 2020 7:22 am



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