CALL for UNIFORM AND TEXT BOOK DONATIONS and return of textbooks under the school rental scheme

June 14, 2024

As the exam season for Junior Certs is drawing to an end, we ask any students who will be finished with uniform items, especially wine jumpers, if they would consider donating them to the school. The parents’ council is organising a 2nd-hand uniform day on Wednesday 26th June next from 4-6pm. This makes a massive difference to a lot of families to be able to avail of some 2nd hand uniform items. Please drop them into the school next week. Items need to be in good order and clean. Your support in this regard is greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

We also invite students leaving the school, 6th Yrs and other students, to donate their uniform items. Again, these will make a massive difference to families in the school and will be greatly appreciated. Thank you. 

We also ask that 6th Yrs return their Maths and English books please and drop off in the assigned boxes in the foyer. These books were supplied under the rental scheme and should be returned to the school. Now that those exams are completed, we would appreciate if books were dropped off asap. Thank you.