SPORTS CLUBS 2020-2021

TIMETABLE 2020-2021   - This is a draft/provisional timetable. Covid-19 restrictions will determine how we can proceed with the extra-curricular sports clubs next year. This timetable will give you an idea of the various activities that we would run in normal circumstances. We hope, very much, to be able to run the clubs as near to normal as possible. We will keep you informed.  

 Please ensure you are linked into the school app to receive notifications regarding sports activities in school.

                 MONDAY             TUESDAY         WEDNESDAY         THURSDAY      FRIDAY
    ATHLETICS - All members      RUGBY - All members       CAMOGIE 1st & 2nd Yrs  LIFE SAVING 7am Swan Centre Tennis - Leinster Cricket & Tennis Club 3.30-4.30pm
    4-5pm School Grounds      4-5pm School Grounds       3.15pm-4.15pm School Grounds RUGBY 3.15-4.15pm       
   GAELIC FOOTBALL     BASKETBALL -Cadets & Seniors      BADMINTON - all members TABLE TENNIS - all members 3.15-4.15pm  
    4-5pm School Grounds      4-6pm - School Gym   3.15pm-4.15pm - Swan Leisure 3.15pm- 4.15pm School GYM