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6TH YEAR BOOKLIST  2019 - 2020


IRISH:                    Retain all books and notes from 5th year.

Exam papers to be purchased during the year as recommended by teacher

Foclóir Gaeilge/Béarla (Each student must have her own dictionary)

Dréimire – budget €20 for this Gael Linn class publication (ordered by teacher) (Higher Level Only)

Copies to be decided by teacher.

Please budget €20 for mock paper corrections.


ENGLISH:              Retain all books, notes and copies from last year  

 Budget €20 approx for mock corrections and exam papers which will be available in September

The Playboy of the Western World by J.M. Synge (Ms Davitt’s class ONLY)


MATHS:                 Higher Level Retain all books from last year

Ordinary Level – Retain all books from last year 

For all Levels:

Mathematical Tables.  Casio Natural Display Scientific Calculator FX – 83GTX, Geometry set, A4 squared copies


HISTORY:              Retain all text books from last year.

Dictatorship and Democracy 1920 – 1945 by Stephen Tonge (Edco) (Second edition, only) 1 A4 soft copy, 1 A4 ringbinder with dividers and polypockets

Please check you buy the correct textbook. Check author & publisher is as on booklist

Budget €15 for mock corrections and exam papers


GEOGRAPHY:      Retain all text books from last year.

Approx €10 may be requested later in the year for external mock corrections.

Exam papers to be decided in September


FRENCH:               Retain all text books, notes and copies from last year

Leaving Certificate Exam Papers (Edco)  Appropriate level.  Pocket Dictionary (not Gem size) – Collins Robert

Approximately €10 may be requested later in the year for external mock corrections


GERMAN:              Keep all books, copies & notes from 5th year

Exam Papers to be purchased later in consultation with teacher.

A fee may be required for the correction of mock exams


BUSINESS:            Keep folder, notes, exam papers and textbook from last year  21st Century Business, Business for Leaving Certificate, 3rd edition – William Murphy (CJ Fallon)



ECONOMICS:      Retain textbook, notes, handouts and exam papers from last year

Positive Economics by Susan Hayes, Trudie Murray & Brian O’Connor (Edco)


BIOLOGY:             Retain from last year

Biology (Revised Edition) – Michael O’Callaghan (Edco)

Leaving Certificate Experiment Book by Joe Rice & Siobhan Kirwan (Edco) A4 folder           


CHEMISTRY:          Retain from last year. Also retain hardbacks.


PHYSICS:                Retain everything from 5th year

Investigating Physics by A Kenny

Practical Physics Mandatory Experiment Book by Maurice Crowe (Fallons) A4 folder and A4 graph paper


HOME ECONOMICS:     Retain from last year

Complete Home Economics Textbook & Workbook by Leanne Gillick & Laura Healy (

1 A4 manuscript copy, pocket display folder/wallet

Edco exam papers. Please ensure only Edco are purchased


ART:                        "Art Works" by Séan ÓhAodha (Edco)

(Gill & McMillan) Art History exam papers

A4 spiral bound sketchpad (white cartridge paper), HB pencil, 4B pencil, Soft white eraser, pencil parer,  30 cm clear perspex ruler, set square, A2 cardboard art folder, Faber Castell colouring Pencils - pk 36, (not water soluble type, castle on front of box).

Filia oil pastels – pk 24,  A4 folder with polypockets, large prittstick         


MUSIC:                  Retain everything from 5th Year including A4 manuscript and copy

Mozart – Piano Concerto No. 23 in A Major

Berlioz – Symphonie Fantastique, Parts II & IV

Deane – Seachanges (with Danse Macabre)

 The Beatles – Songs from Sgt. Pepper Lonely Hearts Club Band Music.    

RELIGION:            Copy, pocket folder & A4 Manuscript


LCVP:                     Keep textbook, exam papers, folders & portfolio items from last year

Please budget approximately €8 for mock paper corrections


BOOKS AVAILABLE FROM:    Alan Hanna's Bookshop – Rathmines (10% discount on orders in store or online if placed before 3rd August) If you order online you may be asked for a coupon discount code.  Our code is stlouis


Roslyns – Dunville Avenue

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