Book list 6th Year

2018 - 2019

IRISH: Retain all books and notes from 5th year.Exam papers to be purchased during the year as recommended by teacher Foclóir Gaeilge/Béarla (Each student must have her own dictionary)Copies to be decided by teacher.Please budget €16 for mock paper corrections.

ENGLISH: Retain all books, notes and copies from last year Budget €20 approx for mock corrections and exam papers which will be available in September
The Great Gatsby by F. Scott Fitzgerald (Ms Derwin & Ms Muldoon’s class ONLY) Big Maggie by John B. Keane (Ms Davitt’s class ONLY)

MATHS: Higher Level Retain all books from last year Ordinary Level – Retain all books from last year.For all Levels Mathematical Tables. Casio Natural Display Scientific Calculator FX – 83ES, Geometry set, A4 squared copies.

HISTORY: Retain all text books from last year.Dictatorship and Democracy 1920 – 1945 by Stephen Tonge (Edco) (Second edition, only) 1 A4 soft copy, 1 A4 ringbinder with dividers and polypockets.Please check you buy the correct textbook. Check author & publisher is as on booklist
Budget €15 for mock corrections and exam papers.

GEOGRAPHY: Retain all text books from last year.
Horizons – Book 2 Elective 5, Options 7 & 8 by Tara Fitzharris & Brian Daly (Folens)
Horizons – Book core units 1,2 – Edwina Hynes & Tara Fitzharris (Folens)
Approx €35 for Leaving Cert Fieldtrip worth 20% of overall mark.
Approx €8 may be requested later in the year for external mock corrections.
Exam papers to be decided in September.

FRENCH: Retain all text books and copies from last yearEducational Company Leaving Certificate Papers with CD. Appropriate level. Pocket Dictionary (not Gem size) – Collins RobertApproximately €9 may be requested later in the year for external mock corrections

GERMAN: Keep all books, copies & notes from 5th year Exam Papers to be purchased later in consultation with teacher.A fee may be required for the correction of mock exams

BUSINESS: Keep folder, notes, exam papers and textbook from last year 21st Century Business, Business for Leaving Certificate – William Murphy (CJ Fallon)

ACCOUNTING: Retain from last year.Accounting for Senior Cycle 3rd edition by Christy Tyrell & Davin Kielthy. (Edco)Approximately €8 may be required for the correction of mock papers.

BIOLOGY: Retain from last year.Biology (Revised Edition) – Michael O’Callaghan (Edco) Leaving Certificate Experiment Book by Joe Rice & Siobhan Kirwan (Edco) A4 folder

CHEMISTRY: Retain from last year. Also retain hardbacks.

PHYSICS: Retain everything from 5th year Investigating Physics by A Kenny Practical Physics Mandatory Experiment Book by Maurice Crowe (Fallons) A4 folder and A4 graph paper

HOME ECONOMICS: Retain from last year Complete Home Economics Textbook & Workbook by Leanne Gillick & Laura Healy (
1 A4 manuscript copy, pocket display folder/wallet Edco exam papers. Please ensure only Edco are purchased

ART: "Art Works" by Séan ÓhAodha (Edco)(Gill & McMillan) Art History exam papers A4 spiral bound sketchpad (white cartridge paper) tube for transporting A2 paper in & out of school, HB pencil, 4B pencil, Soft white eraser, pencil parer, 30 cm clear perspex ruler, set square, A2 cardboard art folder, Faber Castell colouring Pencils - pk 24/36, (not water soluble type, castle on front of box).Filia oil pastels – pk 24, A4 folder with polypockets, large prittstick

MUSIC: Retain everything from 5th Year including A4 manuscript and copy l

RELIGION: Copy and pocket folder

LCVP: Keep everything from last year Please budget approximately €8 for mock paper corrections

BOOKS AVAILABLE FROM: Alan Hanna's Bookshop – Rathmines (10% discount on orders in store or online if placed before 3rd August) If you order online you may be asked for a coupon discount code. Our code is stlouis
Roslyns – Dunville Avenue
Rathfarnham Book Shop
Eason Nassau Street


Books available from: Alan Hanna's Bookshop – Rathmines (10% dscount on orders places before 3rd August online or in store) When buying online you may be asked for a discount code.

This is stlouis
Rosalins – Dunville Avenue
Rathfarnham Book Shop
Eason Nassau Street

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