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3rd YEAR BOOKLIST  2019-2020


IRISH:                    Retain all books and copies used in 2nd year.

Cúpla by Ógie Ó Céilleachair, Cló Iar-Chonnacht (Higher Level Only)

Foclóir  Gaeilge/Béarla (Each student must have her own dictionary)

Please budget €20 for higher level and €10 for ordinary level mock paper correction.


ENGLISH:              Retain all books from last year

Fire & Ice Book 2 by Pauline Kelly, Mary-Elaine Tynan, Deirdre Murphy &Tomás Seale (Gill)

Budget €30 for exam papers, mock corrections & play


MATHS:                 Retain from last year

Text & Test 2 Higher or Ordinary Level New Edition O.D. Morris (Celtic Press)

For all levels

Mathematical tables, A4 squared copies,

Geometry set, pencil, eraser, ruler

Casio fx-83GTX PLUS Natural Display Scientific Calculator.


HISTORY:              Retain from 2nd year

Discovering History

New Junior Cycle History

Text & Activity Book – Patsy McCaughey

2 soft A4 copies

Budget €12 for exam papers and mock corrections


GEOGRAPHY:      Retain from 2nd year

Geo Planet – Junior Cert Geography Textbook & Workbook by Liam Ashe & Kieran McCarthy (Education Company)

Exam papers to be decided in September. Budget €10 approx for mock corrections.           


FRENCH:               Retain from 2nd year "Ca Roule! 2" by Gwynne Denehy & Maria Fenton and all copies

Pocket dictionary – Collins Robert

Exam papers to be decided in September

Two copies

Approximately €8 may be collected later in the year for external mock correction


GERMAN:             Retain ALL materials from 2nd year

Exam papers to be bought after consultation with teacher.

A fee may be required for the correction of mock papers.


BUSINESS STUDIES:        Keep books, copies, exam papers & record books from last year

Time for Business, Junior Cycle Business Studies by Joe Stafford, Siobhan O’Sullivan, Ultan Henry & James Cumiskey (Edco)

A class set of exam papers will be ordered by the teacher in October.  Please budget €3.50.  Please also budget €8 for mock correction payable by January.

Record Book 2, copy, presentation folder, calculator


SCIENCE:              Retain books from last year

Active Science Textbook (Fallon)

Active Science Workbook (Fallon)

Hardback Science Copy & 1 homework copy

Teacher will decide on exam papers in September


HOME ECONOMICS:                         

Learning for Life Textbook & Workbook by Enright & Flynn (Folens)

Allow €5 – 7 per week for practical cookery classes

Edco Exam papers

Display pocket folder/wallet, 1 copy                   


ART:                       A2 cardboard folder

A4 spiral bound sketchpad (white cartridge paper)

 HB pencil, 4B pencil, soft white eraser

30 cm clear perspex ruler, set square,

Faber Castell colouring pencils - pk 36

(not water soluble type, castle on front of box)

Pritt stick


MUSIC:                 Retain all books, recorder and copies from last year

New manuscript & ordinary copy

Junior Cert Music Exam Papers (Educational Co.)

€10 due in September for ‘Music in the Classroom’ (if the concert is being staged in the National Concert Hall)


C.S.P.E                   Retain from last year, 1 copy retained

Examination papers will be needed in October



Examination papers will be required in October


  S.P.H.E.                 Health & Wellbeing SPHE 3 Junior Certificate by Anne Potts & Nodlaig O’Grady (Educational Company of Ireland)  (Edco) A4 card wallet for work



Books available from:            Alan Hanna's Bookshop – Rathmines (10% discount on orders placed before 3rd August online or in store) If ordering online you may be asked for a discount code. This is stlouis


Roslyns – Dunville Avenue

 Rathfarnham Book Shop

Eason Nassau Street


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