St. Louis High School is a dynamic centre of learning where we foster a happy and secure environment.We nurture creativity and embrace diversity while building on our rich traditions in an atmosphere of generosity.We share in the journey towards deeper understanding in this complex world.


St. Louis High School was opened in 1913, and since then, has maintained its tradition of imparting a full, balanced and well rounded education to its students. The intellectual, spiritual, moral and emotional needs of each student are catered for in a Christian and respectful way. The school community seeks to live and to proclaim Christian values, to accept people as they are, to affirm their individuality, their present gifts and future promise, and to encourage them as they mature. The school is a community, in which staff, students and parents contribute towards developing a sense of responsibility and confidence which enables its members to choose with goodwill and good faith in this complex world. While the majority of the pupils are Catholic, we welcome and support girls of other religious traditions.

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