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Reading Club  

If you are interested in reading, we have a reading club which meets every Friday morning at 8am in the Library. Please feel free to join us and start the day in a relaxed fashion reading your favourite book.

St. Louis High School has over 600 students in attendance.  The library is managed by a part-time Library Assistant, with the aid of Volunteer Student Helpers at lunchtimes.  The library is a very well used space for many activities.  It holds approximately 7,000 items, including books, DVDs, some audio books, History Ireland Magazine, Scrabble, Revision Books and past exam papers.  Reference books include Encyclopaedias, Dictionaries and Atlases. Currently we have 3 PCs with Internet access for project work, a photocopier and a printer.

Our fiction books include novels in the following languages:  English, Irish, French, German and a small number of Polish novels donated by a former Student.  The library is in the process of being updated to the Heritage Library Management System.  The School sees  the library as a very important resource.  The aim of the library is to foster a love of books and reading, and to support the curriculum.  We also have a Careers'  Library housed separately in the Career Guidance Counsellors’ Office.

Students have timetabled classes in the library for quiet reading and doing project work.  They may also use it at break -time and lunchtime.  We also enjoy the use of a Block Loan facility with Rathmines Library for book clubs which is of great benefit to us.

Opening Hours:   Monday – Friday 10am – 2pm.


  • 1st Years receive a brief library induction in the first term

  • Book Clubs are mainly attended by the Junior Cycle Students

  • Author visits from time to time

  • During Arts Week which is run every second year, we have Poets/Authors visit and they may also give Writing Workshops.

  •  For World Book Day we have Book Swaps

  •  Book Fairs are held at Halloween, whereby the 1st Year Students may purchase a book on behalf of the library and have their names inscribed as sponsor of the book.  This helps greatly with adding new stock to the library.

  •  A talk is given to 5th/6th Year History Students in liaison with the History Teacher on plagiarism, it’s consequences and how best to avoid it.

  •  Supervised study is also available after school in the library.

  • Reading lists are also available from the Library. All First Years avail of a Library period during their English classes.

  • Please click here to download a first year reading list.

  • Please click here to download a second year reading list.

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