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New Junior Cycle Information

Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement

The Junior Cycle Profile of Achievement (JCPA) is a new award for students taking the Junior Certificate from 2017.

The JCPA will replace the traditional Junior Certificate. The traditional Junior Certificate was issued by the Dept of Education and Skills and only showed the grades awarded in the state-certified final examinations taken in May(Art) and June of 3rd Year.

The new JCPA will be issued by the school and will show:

  • the grades awarded in the state-certified final examinations

  • Achievements in Classroom-based assessments (CBAs)

  • Achievements in Other Areas of Learning (OALs)

What is meant by Other Areas of Learning?

As well as the results taken from the DES on the student's final certificate examinations, the JCPA will record student participation, achievement and progress during the 3 years of their Junior Cycle Programme.

These OLAs will include areas of learning outside the Junior Cycle Programme, such as:

  • social

  • cultural

  • pastoral

  • scientific

  • entrepreneurship

  • physical/sporting

  • musical

  • performing arts eg speech & drama, dance, etc

  • visual arts

  • religious

Students will be asked to keep a record of all significant learning activities during their 3 year Junior Certificate Programme.
Students being awarded the JCPA in 2017 will have an opportunity to retrospectively gather and record this information. They will do this with the guidance of a teacher.

In order to aid students in drawing up this list of Other Learning Achievements, we have listed possible areas within our school where students may have acquired valuable learning achievements.

List of Possible Achievements

This is only a suggested list - there may be other activities you have underaken not listed here that you may include:

  • Member of a school team - sports, debating

  • member of the student council eg SRC rep

  • member of the school choir, instrumental group, traditional music group

  • participated in the School Musical

  • Participated in a competition (group or individual) eg Young Scientist, Texaco Art Competition, Doodle for Google etc.

  • Participated in a school committee eg Green Schools Committee

  • Participated in fund raising activities - bake sale etc.

  • Participated in various themed weeks in school : Maths Week, Arts Festival, Cairdeas and Sláinte Week, Súil Eile week etc.

  • Represented your class or school in a competition

  • Seminars/retreats attended

  • Workshops- study skills, anti-bullying, nutrition etc

Students should try to identify the specific skill(s) acquired or learning outcome from the OLAs they chose to list eg

OLA: Represented school on a Debating Team
Skills Acquired: research, writing and public speaking

Students are advised to list a minimum of three and a maximum of 5 OLAs

Students will be advised as to the teacher they should consult with and the date they must submit their list of OLAs in the week immediately after the Social placement week.


For further information on the Junior Cycle - please click here to read NCCA material on Junior Cycle

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