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Year Head: Ms Newman

5th Year Trips

On December 16th last our Fifth years went on trips to Butler's Chocolate Factory and the National Concert Hall. The Home Economics students travelled to the chocolate factory in Clonshaugh to savour some of the delights of Butler's chocolate and see how the chocolates are made. The rest of the year group travelled in to the NCH to savour some Christmas music delights. Sincere thanks to RTÉ (Assumpta Lawless) for inviting the girls to attend the concert. Trips were enjoyed by both students and staff alike. Please click here to view some images from the trip to Butler's chocolate factory.

Please take some time to read Marlena Morgiewicz's article on the visit by Steven O'Riordan to the school

During the month of October we, the students of St. Louis High School, had an experience that taught us lifelong lessons. Steven O`Riordan, the brother of Joanne O`Riordan and also the director of the documentary about her called ``No Limbs, No Limits`` came in to talk to us about his very special sister.
      Joanne O`Riordan was born with the condition Tetra-amelia syndrome on the 24 th of April, 1996. This means she doesn`t have any limbs. She is one of the only seven people in the whole world born with this condition. At the beginning her parents had to face a lot of unpleasant situations and opinions coming towards them from people that weren`t acceptant of Joanne. It was very tough, but they fought through everything and raised Joanne to become the inspiring and bright 18 year old girl she is today.  
      As Joanne grew older she never really experienced any hardship sent out her way. Like Steven O`Riordan told us, neither did he nor his brothers ever look at Joanne strangely or find her different. They were all kids when she was born so they accepted her the way she was without question and treated her
like any brother would treat his sister. To this day they have play fights, laugh a lot and play video games with each other where Stephen admitted that Joanne usually wins! He also told us about funny situations that happened to them, for example when during Christmas Joanne rolled under their Christmas tree and they couldn`t find her until the whole tree fell over! It`s great to see that optimism and happiness can be found everywhere and when you`re not extremely self-conscious then you can always have a good time and enjoy life to the fullest!
      Thanks to Steven`s visit and the documentary he played for us we saw that even though Joanne has been through so much she is still handling everything
perfectly and is a very successful person, getting involved in everything she can and using every opportunity to fight for human equality and better conditions for disabled people. Just like any teenager she is dreaming about pursuing a career in the field that interests her, finding love, getting good grades and achieving all her goals. She wrote her Leaving Cert this year and received nearly 500 points which is an incredible achievement for anyone! She never seems dull or sad, she always has a huge smile on her face. She is using her voice to speak out for thousands of people around the world by getting involved in different events like the YesEquality 2015 campaign, One Young World Summit 2014 and by declaring a speech before the United Nations in New York City where she emphasized on the importance of technology for people with disabilities and challenged them to build a robot that would help people like her in everyday life. Trinity College has undertaken that task and is now in the midst of creating one such robot, which is truly magnificent!
      Overall, I believe that Steven O`Riordan`s presentation and speech in our school inspired not only me but everyone present to believe that anything is possible, all you need to have is faith and determination! Like Joanne always says, ``There`s no such word as impossible, there`s only I`m possible!``.

Marlena Morgiewicz (5th Yr)

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